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This is a partial list of the rare, historic and/or interesting Karate books in the Hawaii Karate Museum reference collection. See Statement as to "Fair Use" and Disclaimer as to Value below. Books are listed by date (see Japanese Date Comparison Chart from 1879), and are originals unless otherwise noted. Reprints and translations are listed immediately after the originals. For an excellent discussion of the earliest karate books, please see the following articles, hosted here with the permission of the authors:

Books Sorted by Decades or Subject
1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s Kobudo Donors

Book Donations. Many books were generously donated to us and we are always seeking acquisitions, particularly of older titles. If you have any historic Karate books, manuals, scrolls, magazines, photographs, weapons, or other items, please consider donating or selling them to the Hawaii Karate Museum, which is part of the Hikari Institute, a Hawaii non-profit corporation and federally tax exempt organization under IRC 501(c)(3). We would really appreciate your generosity and preserve the item you donate. Please contact Charles C. Goodin at goodin@hawaii.rr.com for further information, or send items to:

Charles C. Goodin
Hawaii Karate Museum
4253 Halupa Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96818 USA

Thank you very much to our book donors and book information translators (who help to make sure we get the titles right!):

Book Donors: (many have donated multiple titles)
Sensei Shigehide Akamine
Sensei James Alexander
Mrs. Tomu Arakawa
Jason Arbogast
Paul L. Argentieri
Sensei Frank Baehr
Sensei Bruno Ballardini
Sensei Vernon C. Bell
Professor John Bishop
Sensei Heiko Bittmann
Sensei Massimo Braglia
Sensei Rod Butler
David Chambers
Darrell Choy
Sensei Michael P. Cogan
Sensei Michael Colling
Sensei Walter Dailey
Sensei William J. Dometrich
Sensei George Donahue
Dragon Associates, Inc.
Sensei Jesse Enkamp
Thomas Feldmann
Ian Ferguson
Professor Kimo Ferreira
David Funakoshi
Furyu: The Budo Journal
Charles C. Goodin
Robert Gruzanski
Sensei Brenda Guiled
Chaney J. Hardman
Yoshiyuki Hashimoto
Hawaii Herald
Sensei Zenko Heshiki
Sensei Peggy Hess
Takenobu Higa
Sensei Terry Higa
Sensei Morio Higaonna
Reid Kagemoto
Hui O Laulima
Sensei Robert Igarashi
Norman Ikei
Sensei Takeji Inaba
Sensei Art Ishii
Sensei Hisae Ishii-Chang
Warren Iwasa
Sensei Erik Johnstone
Halford E. Jones
Japanese American National Museum
Mr. R. Kato
Grand Master Fusei Kise
Sensei Kiyoshi Kiyabu
Sensei Mark Kiyabu
Sensei Mitsugi Kobayashi
Ed Kuba, Esq.
Dr. Clive Layton
Sensei Angel Lemus
Sensei Bobby Lowe
Borut Mauhler
Sensei Dennis May
Sensei Patrick McCarthy
Sensei Mario McKenna
Donald S. Mendoza
Sensei Scot Mertz
Mrs. Thomas Shigeru Miyashiro
Sensei Sam Moledzki
Sensei Chosei Motobu
Sensei Wayne Muromoto
Sensei Jack Musick
Dinushni Muthucumarana
Sensei Fumio Nagaishi
Sensei Shoshin Nagamine
Sensei Takayoshi Nagamine
Sensei Pat Nakata
Sensei Takao Nakaya
Neptune Publications
Sensei Hoosain Narker
Yukihiko Noda
Barry Norris
Graham Noble
John Oberle
Sensei Don Oberloh
Frances Oda
Russell Ogata
Sensei Lex Opdam
Sensei Shingo Ohgami
Sensei Willy J. Ortiz
Sensei Masaichi Oshiro
Thomas Oyasato
Sensei John Pell
Sensei Chuck Phillips
John F. Quinn
Sensei Nick Racanelli, Jr.
Rising Sun Productions
Sensei Don Roberts
Sensei Sean Roberts
Ihor Rymaruk
Dr. Mitsugu Sakihara
Frank E. Sanchez
Wilfred Santos
Joyce Shimabukuro
Sensei Rodney Sadao Shimabukuro
Mrs. Carlton Shimomi
Sensei Dicky Shimoko
Professor Katsuhiko Shinzato
Sensei Russ Sinclair
Joseph Svinth
Sensei Charles Joseph Swift
Troy Taira
Mark Tankosich
Sensei Allen Tanzadeh
Kisei Teruya
Rene Tomita
Tuttle Publishing
Sensei Kunio Uehara
Jerry Walker
Dr. Gordon Warner
Sensei Don Warrener
Sensei William E. Weiss
Daryl Welsh
David A. Williams
Lorinda Wong-Lau
Lorraine Yoshioka
Book Information Translators:
Sara Aoyama
June Arakawa
Kiko Ferreira
Tomoe Misumi Goodin
Yukihiko Noda
Andreas Quast
Russ Sinclair
Mark Tankosich

Thank you also to authors/translators who have translated several of the early Japanese language Karate books and articles to English and been very generous to the Museum: Patrick & Yuriko McCarthy, Mario McKenna, Sanzinsoo, Charles Joseph Swift, and Mark Tankosich.

Statement as to "Fair Use". All books in our collection are copyrighted by their respective owners/holders. We do not assert or claim a copyright on or over any of the books in our collection. Thumbnail images of the box, cover, title and/or publishing pages for some books have been provided for reference and identification purposes only. Thumbnail images of box, cover, and title pages do not link to larger images. Thumbnails of the publishing pages (mostly for Japanese language books) link to larger images so that the date of publication, publisher's name and address, author's name, etc. can be researched. Thumbnail images are very small (only 125 pixels wide) and of low resolution. Images are not shown for commercial purposes. We are a non-profit, educational and research organization. Books in our collection are not offered for sale by the Hawaii Karate Museum or related entities. If you are the copyright holder of any book we have listed and wish for us to remove the images of your book, please contact us and we will gladly comply.

Disclaimer as to Value. The inclusion of any book in this collection is not a statement as to the monetary value of such book, nor an endorsement thereof. Most rare books in our collection were donated to us. We also purchase books from a variety of sources, including used bookstores. Some books cost only a few dollars, others up to a couple hundred dollars. We sometimes purchase entire book collections. We do not appraise Karate books and you should not pay exorbitant prices for a book just because we have a copy in our collection. We are interested in the historic value of books.

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