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Seinen Goshin Jutsu
Self-Defense For Young People

by Heijiro Takefuji
November 5, 1940 (Showa 15)
231 pages
Japanese language

donated by John F. Quinn

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Article: Breathing In and Breathing Out In Accordance With "Go" and "Ju": A Miscellaneous Essay on Karate

by Chojun Miyagi
August 15, 1942

Translated by Sanzinsoo.

Basic Field Manual. Unarmed Defense for the American Soldier
FM 21-150

by War Department
June 30, 1942
Government Printing Office
315 pages

It is reported that Professor Henry Seishiro Okazaki (Danzan-Ryu Jujitsu), of Hawaii, was a consultant for this book. Many of his students were in the U.S. military.


Karate Nyumon
Introduction to Karate

by Gichin Funakoshi
Published by Budo Kyokai
Published December 5, 1943 (Showa 18)
180 pages
Book photographs by Yoshiaki Hayashi & Wado Uemura
Japanese language

donated by Ian Ferguson

This is the extremely rare first and wartime edition of the book. According to the donor:

"What is historically significant is the fact that all the photographs in this book were taken inside the famous Shotokan dojo, which was destroyed in the fires resulting from the bombing raid in Tokyo, Japan, on March 10, 1945. It appears that there is quite a bit of evidence that Karate Nyumon was sanctioned by the war department of Japan for civilians to defend themselves against foreign invaders. Master Funakoshi and/or this third son, Yoshitaka, were probably asked to write a small book to support the war effort. But there is no way to know for sure because most of the karate students of that period have deceased already.

Regarding the scarceness of this work, let's have a look at a short passage taken from a Shotokan history book called A Shotokan Book of Facts - Vol. 1:

'Gichin Funakoshi's original works are particularly sought after by collectors, especially 1943 Karate Nyumon which, due to the war and restricted access to paper, had a very limited initial print run. So much so in fact, that some of Funakoshi's own students could not obtain copies at the time.'

In translating the publishing page of the original book I found out that the book had a print run of a 1,000 copies. When I think further about its rareness, the only thing that makes sense to me is that the book probably was sold out completely within a few days or so due to demand at the time for materials that they desperately needed during war time."

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English translation of Karate-Do Nyumon (Gichin Funakoshi, 1943)

Translation by John Teramoto
Kodansha International
119 pages


Budo Shoshinshu

by Tendo Yuuzan
1943 (Showa 18)
159 pages
Japanese language

Subject: Martial arts application in the Imperial Japanese military, codes and ethics of budo, and the soldier

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The Okinawas of the Loo Choo Islands
A Japanese Minority Group

Okinawan Studies
No. 3
R & A No. 1567

Office of Strategic Services
Research and Analysis Branch
Honolulu, Hawaii
June 1, 1944

Page 19 discusses Karate.

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Karate Taikan (reprint)
Encyclopedia of Karate

by Hiroshi Kinjo
originally published 1946
reprint published July 15, 2003
220 pages
Japanese language

donated by Sensei Morio Higaonna

original being sought

box cover
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title page
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See Okinawa

by Lt. Col. John Sherman, Maj. Ray W. Hamilton, 1st Lt. George S. Ceffin, Staff Sgt. James Furukawa
Education Dept., Military Government, Ryukyus
circa 1947
20 pages

Page 15 of this guide describes Karate. Click on the second image.

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What Is Self Defense? (Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu)

by Professor James M. Mitose
written in 1947
published in 1953
150+ pages

This may be the first Karate book published in the United States. It certainly was the first Karate book published in Hawaii. Two versions of the book were released in 1953. The first had a cover with two men demonstrating a Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu technique. The second had the more familiar Kosho-Ryu Coat of Arms.

We have reviewed two copies of the "Two Men" edition, and they differed from each other! Since this book was privately published, it is possible that there were differences from one copy to another.

This book contains two photographs from Karate Kenpo written by Mizuho Mutsu, who brought the book to Hawaii during his 1933 visit. One of the photographs is of Kamesuke Higashionna. The other is of Emperor Wu being taught by Bodhidharma.

The book was reprinted in 1981.

Early 1953 cover
title page
Later 1953 cover

How to Use the Yawara Stick

by Professor F. (Frank) A. Matsuyama
published in 1948
78 pages


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