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Okinawan Prefectural Shuri Senior High School
1937 Yearbook

Hawaii Karate Museum Collection

This 1937 Yearbook of the Shuri High School is part of the Hawaii Karate Museum Rare Book Collection. Thank you very much to Andreas Quast of Duesseldorf, Germany, for translation assistance with this yearbook.

As indicated below, the high school had a Karate Club (the same page also shows the Table Tennis Club). The teacher in charge the club was Tokuda Anbun, a student of Anko Itosu, who was responsible for the introduction of Karate to the Okinawan school program around 1903. The Karate page reads:

Upper row, from left to right:

Table Tennis Club:
Komesu Shutoku
Matayoshi Choju
Yamaguchi Junri
Middle row, from left to right:

Karate Club:
Terukina (Akina Juken/Choken)
Komesu Seijiro
Bottom row, from left to right:

Miyagi Shoei
Gibu Sokumatsu (Ikimatsu)
Kyan Seichu
Akamine Shotei (Shojo)
Arakaki Seiji (Shoji)

Karate Club

The spirit of Karate is the Aloha spirit

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