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"Hawai`i Karate Roots: 105 Years of Karate in Hawaii."

Welcome to the Hawaii Karate Museum. Our purpose is to collect, archive, and display historic Karate materials, including: photographs, books, articles, weapons, training equipment, uniforms, etc.

Please also visit the website of our sister organization, the Hawaii Karate Seinenkai, for a wealth of information about the history of Karate in Hawaii, including many online articles.

Miyashiro, Azama,
Higashionna & Uehara
Honolulu, 1933

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Check out our growing Rare Karate Book Collection.

Books Sorted by Decades
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Currently, about 500 titles are listed beginning with Gichin Funokoshi's Ryukyu Kenpo Toudi (1922) and Rentan Goshin Toudi Jutsu (1925), Choki Motobu's Okinawa Kenpo Toudi Jutsu Kumite-Hen (1926) and Watashi no Karate Jutsu (1932), Mizuho Mutsu's Karate Kenpo, as well as books from Hawaii's own, Professor Henry S. Okazaki, The Science of Self-Defense for Girls & Women (1929), and Professor James M. Mitose, What Is Self Defense? Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu (1953/47).

spacerMagazine Collection
The centerpiece of our growing collection is the John D. Pell Collection consisting of over 500 magazines, including:

Other magaziines, such as Martial Arts Hawaii Magazine, Fighting Arts Hawaii (1970's version), Furyu: The Budo Journal, Fighting Arts Hawaii (2000 version), etc., are listed in our Rare Karate Book Collection.

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Kentsu Yabu and students
Honolulu, 1927

The Hawaii Karate Museum is a division of the Hikari Institute, a Hawaii non-profit corporation and federally tax exempt organization under IRC 501(c)(3).

Many Karate books and artifacts were generously donated to us and we are always seeking acquisitions, particularly of older titles. Do you have any historic Karate books, manuals, scrolls, magazines, photographs, weapons, or other items, please consider donating or selling them to the Hawaii Karate Museum. If so please contact us. Mahalo!

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Hawaii Karate Museum
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The spirit of Karate is the Aloha spirit

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